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#TITLE# Home Office Lighting Tips: Easy Ways to Make Your Workspace and Desk More Pleasant #/TITLE# We spend a whole lot of time on the job. That is why it’s important that we make our work area as pleasant as possible. There are a whole lot of methods to do that. You could buy new office equipment,give your desk a makeover,or decorate your workplace with plants. But light is perhaps the only change you can make to make the most significant impact on your home office environment.

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Office lighting can have a significant impact–good or bad–on your health.

Overly harsh fluorescent light is draining for your eyes and is a cause for migraines. Dim lighting is equally as bad,and can cause eye strain and headaches. And honestly,a dark office is just depressing. Thus,to help lighten things up a little,here are a few simple measures to take to help you light your workspace right–whether it is at home or in a corporate setting.

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Assess the Organic Light

Take a close look at your area and the natural light that is already supplied. Have you got a window that gives plenty of natural light? If the answer is yes, move your desk right now to take advantage of that amazing natural light. Natural light is far easier on your eyes. If you’ve got a excellent view with small distractions,consider placing your desk right under the window.

Tackle the Ceiling Lights in Your Office

Overhead lighting isn’t the greatest office lighting source–and it definitely shouldn’t be the sole source–but it can help fill in places that other sources of light seem to miss. Take the opportunity to switch out your dull overhead lighting for something fun and unique.

Insert a Tried and Desk Lamp

Nothing beats a classic desk lamp,such as the little Knuckle desk lamp These tried and true modern desk lamps are key to bringing everything into focus. Desk lamps which have a flexible arm are ideal as you can adjust their angle and height to suit the job at hand. But task lighting can quickly give you eyestrain.

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Finish Off With Ambient and Corrective Light

Eye strain is a serious problem,one that happens from extreme use of your eyes–like staring at a computer screen for eight long hours. Throwing a little ambient light to the mix will help soften the harsh light that can come from only overhead or task lighting. When coupled with the Philips Hue Bridge,you can choose from millions of light colors to suit your mood and desire.

Other Ways To Improve Your Perception of Work

If you are living the cubicle life,it might seem like your fluorescent lighting woes won’t ever leave.

Get Outside

Just take a stroll outside periodically to soak in some natural light. This is great if your desk isn’t by a window,and is also a terrific way to get a little exercise during that fifteen-minute break before lunch.

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